Software Engineering

Über mich

Who am I?

Hello, I'm Benedict Wright and I've been developing desktop applications, mobile applications and websites for over 10 years.

Why do I do what I do?

My goal as a developer is to write high-quality software that puts people first. I believe that software should adapt to people, not dictate the structures. Therefore, already during my studies I focused on usability and information visualisation. During my doctorate I finally tried to transfer this knowledge to the field of artificial intelligence.

What can I do for you?

My services include the design and implementation of websites, as well as complex web applications for mapping business processes and data management. I also make available my know-how as usability engineer to support you in the design, optimisation and implementation of your user interface.


Web and Intranetapplications

No matter whether you need a simple website or a complex web-based application including online shop - together we will work out the right solution for you. Using proven technologies like WordPress or frameworks like DJANGO and REACT.JS enables me to implement your ideas quickly. I use agile methods to involve you directly during the entire development process, allowing you to experience how your vision comes to life.

Usability Engineering

Are you a team of developers? You have a product and want your customers to use its full potential? Or are you planning a new UI for your product? Usability engineering makes it possible to tailor interfaces to the exact needs of your customers. In this way you can ensure satisfied customers who remain loyal to you and your product for a long time. I accompany you on this path and support you in target group analyses, UI conception, usability tests, from design prototypes to the finished product.

Support in existing projects

Are you looking for flexible support for your team? I can support your development team with my knowledge in the areas of web development, usability engineering and software development. More details about the areas in which I can offer you my know-how can be found in my CV.

Telefone +43 660 3446509, or use the form:

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